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Christopher Dorris

Christopher Dorris

Chris Dorris is an international author, speaker, Mental Toughness Trainer and Personal Coach.

His book, Creating Your Dream: Confidently Stepping into Your Own Brilliance , takes you through a series of exercises that will help you establish CLARITY on how you ultimately want to use your life. It helps you discover the COURAGE to believe that what you desire is, in fact, available to you in this abundant universe. And it will help you develop the DISCIPLINE – or Mental Toughness – to do what it takes to make it so, and to continue to do what it takes when things don’t appear to be unfolding as planned.

He is an international speaker whose audiences include numerous Fortune 100 companies. He has coached athletes from the Professional Golf Assocaition, the National Football League, the National Hockey Association, Major League Baseball, Olympians and hundreds of amateurs. He coaches anyone interested in taking a thorough investigation into how to most profoundly use their lives.


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Hey Chris

Cool site. The webcam videos are a nice touch. I suspect there is an attention span thing with this media. Wonder what the ideal length of any one video is to retain the greatest % of the audience.

Back in Scottsdale in 30 days or so. Will check in then



Comment by John Hoskins

I like it! Great way to get your information out to everyone!

Comment by Dana Jones

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